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Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are the basics of English writing. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are the basics of English writing. Whether you're writing for a class or for business, these three main elements are what help your readers understand you thoroughly. It's important to learn the correct ways of writing, especially in the spelling area. Commonly misspelled and misused words will confuse your readers when they're present in your writing. With these five spelling tips, you will learn to improve your spelling and enhance your overall writing capabilities.

Create a Spelling Log

When you're reading a book or an online article, keep a small notebook with you as your spelling log. If you come across a word that you have trouble remembering, write it down in your spelling log. During moments where you don't have much to do, such as waiting at the doctor's office, you can get out your spelling log and practice spelling the word. Also, you can find ways to remember the word and the meaning to help you, such as creating a spelling rhyme or rewriting the word multiple times.

Learn to Pronounce Words Correctly

There are a number of words that are not enunciated properly in common speech; in turn, people can misspell the words because they depend on phonetics to help them spell. For example, the word "calendar" can be pronounced as if "er" is at the end instead of "ar," so it can be misspelled based on how you pronounce it. Another common word that is misspelled based on sound is "library." The first "r" isn't always pronounced, so it can be misspelled, too. You can create a list of words you tend to not enunciate and practice spelling them.

Study Prefixes and Suffixes

Knowing the meanings of prefixes and suffixes can help you avoid spelling errors. Root words are made into new words with prefixes and suffixes, so it's important to know them because this will help you with spelling and understanding the words. For example, the suffix "-able" can be attached to the ends of words such as "excite" and "depend." When something is exciting to you, you describe it as "excitable," but when writing it out you might forget to drop the "e" in the middle when you connect the two words. If you have a trustworthy friend, she is "dependable." The suffix "-able" means "able to be," so by knowing the meanings of suffixes and prefixes, you can better understand the word, which helps your spelling.

Read Everything

From nutrition facts on packaged foods to magazine covers, read everything you come across. Reading frequently, no matter if you're looking at a book or article, will help you understand the flow of words. The more often you see a word or group of words, the more you will acclimate yourself and familiarize yourself with their spelling. In turn, you'll naturally be able to understand how to spell the words.

Practice Spelling with Online Quizzes

Utilize spelling quizzes online to improve your spelling. Often, spelling quizzes present commonly misspelled and misused words that you can make note of for future study. You can also take online spelling quizzes as a method to help you learn how to spell words correctly. Alternatively, ask a friend or family member who knows a lot about spelling to quiz you. He or she can list the words to you aloud and you will have to spell them in order on a piece of paper.

This article outlines several useful spelling tips that you can put into practice. Rather than using flashcards or writing words repeatedly on a sheet of paper, you can have more fun when improving your spelling with the methods above. From keeping a spelling log to practicing with online quizzes, these tips will help you develop better spelling habits. Not only will spelling become easier for you, but you can also use your improved spelling skills to craft more effective writing on homework assignments, business letters, and other document.

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“I enrolled at PELS for professional reasons because English is very important for my job. I needed to improve my communication skills. The lessons were very challenging. However, my English is much better now than when I first started.” Guiseppe, 54 y.o from Italy, B1   “Lessons are absolutely beneficial and delivered by professional teachers. My host family was the greatest one ever...

Giuseppe, 54 y.o. from Italy

“Lessons are absolutely beneficial and delivered by professional teachers. My host family was the greatest one ever and I truly enjoyed the trips organised by the school. I would highly recommend PELS to everyone who wants to study English in the UK” Erme, 23 y.o from Turkey “Lessons are absolutely beneficial and delivered by professional teachers. My host family was the greatest...

Erme, 23 y.o. from Turkey

“I came to PELS last year and I wanted to come back again this year. The lessons are very nice. I like PELS.” Alghalya, 15 y.o from Oman

AlGhalya, 15 y.o. from Oman

“Portsmouth is a very beautiful city. I came here with a group of Tunisian students and we stayed in a residential accommodation where I met lots of students from many countries. I talked a lot in English both in class and with my new friends. I loved the Saturday excursion to London.” Zohra, 17 y.o from Tunisia, B1

Zohra, 17 y.o. from Tunisia

“I came to PELS because I wanted to improve my English. It has improved thanks to my teachers. Now my vocabulary is better and I can speak with other classmates. I had a nice trip to London which I enjoyed very much. My life in the host family was good because I was independent and they were very kind and...

Samantha, 23 y.o. from Italy

“I came to PELS to improve my English. In class, we did grammar, played some games and we spoke. I met some new friends here. I lived with my cousins and aunt and uncle.” Beatrice, 17 y.o. from Italy, B1

Beatrice, 17 y.o. from Italy

“I came to PELS to improve my English but also to prepare for the IELTS examination. I am really happy because I learnt a lot of new vocabulary and about the British culture.  The host family was brilliant and I had lots of discussions with them. I liked Portsmouth even if the city is small. I made great friends from...

Islem, 19 y.o. from Algeria

“I came to PELS because I like the UK.  I’m bad at English but day by day, I feel improvements. People at PELS are sociable and the teachers are excellent. My life with my host family is good. The City of Portsmouth and the UK are beautiful and fun.” Khaled, 19 y.o from Tunisia, A1 “Lessons are absolutely beneficial and delivered by...

Khaled, 19 y.o. from Tunisia

 “I came to PELS to improve my English. I chose it because it looked nice and it was next to my place. In PELS, I did morning courses with Marc and IELTS courses with Betty, Claire or Laura. My English improved a lot and I met a lot of people in this school. I went to different activities such as...

Erell, 24 y.o. from France

“I came to PELS because I needed to improve my English in order to get a high score in the IELTS exam. I met lovely people from different countries who helped me to practise my speaking skills. I found the lessons very useful for the IELTS exam preparation. I learnt a lot about the exam structures and strategies to improve...

Cristina, 34 y.o. from Spain

“I came to PELS because I won a scholarship and I wanted to improve my English. In class, we did games and a lot of very helpful activities. At PELS, there were people from around the world so it was easy to learn to communicate in English with everybody. The City of Portsmouth and the UK are so beautiful. I’ll...

Roberta, 22 y.o. from Italy

“I loved the school, the teachers and the administration staff members. I got a lot of support from the staff. They are supportive and helpful. I talked to them if I had a problem and they always had solutions. We also had some fun activities which helped to meet the other students from the other classes. I wish I could...

Bayan, 20 y.o. from Oman