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Student Life / Cost of living

Cost of living

Guide for Students 2016/17

This will help you to prepare for your stay in Portsmouth by providing you an estimate of how much money you will need in England.

Entertainment/Social Programme

Activity Price
Swimming £ 5.00
Bowling £ 7.00 per person per game
Cinema* £ 8.50
Entry into a nightclub* Free - £ 6.00 (drinks extra)
Glass of wine £ 4.00
Pint of beer £ 3.80 - £ 5.00
*Discounts may be available with your student card

Eating and Drinking

If you have booked half-board accommodation, we suggest you allow about £ 7 for extra food, snack and drinks during the day.
Cafés in Portsmouth
Please be advised that the following prices may vary depending on the place of purchase.
Item Price
Hot drinks £ 1.50 - £ 4.00
Soft Drinks £ 1.00 - £ 2.50
Sandwich £ 3.00 – £ 5.00
Pizza £ 5.00 - £ 50.00
Salad £ 3.00 - £ 5.00
Burger and Chips £ 3.00 - £6.00
A Big Mac meal £ 1.00 – 5.00

Supermarkets/Grocery shops

Item Price
Sandwich £ 1.00 -  £ 3.50
Fruit £ 0.20 - £ 3.00
Bottle of water £ 0.50 - £ 1.50
Can of Coke £ 0.80 - £ 1.50
Crisps £ 1.00 - £ 2.50
Salad £ 1.00 - £ 3.00

Restaurant prices/Evening meals

Item Price
Budget meal £ 10
Standard meal £ 15
Exclusive meal varies


Item Price
Stamp for a letter in Europe £ 1.00 – £ 1.52
Batteries £ 3.00 - £ 5.00
20 cigarettes £ 8.00
Toothbrush £ 0.99 - £3.00
Toothpaste £ 0.99
Shower gel £ 0.99
Shampoo £ 0.99
Washing powder £ 5.00
Stamp for a letter £ 3.00
T-shirt £ 1.00 +
Jeans £ 10.00 +
Parka £ 25.00 +
Backpack £ 8.00 +
Bag £ 6.00 +
Postcard £ 0.50 - £ 1.00
Book (second hand) £ 1.00 +

Public Transport

Item Price
Single journey £ 1.50 - £ 3.00
1 Day Ticket £ 4.20
Bus Pass 1 week £ 18.00
Bus Pass 1 Month £ 60.00
Item Price
Return to London £ 15.00 – £ 25.00
Return to Winchester £ 9.00 - £ 12.00
Return to Brighton £ 13.00 – £ 50.00
Ferry to the Isle of Wight £ 13.00 – £ 19.00
Return to Bath £ 50.00 - £ 72.00
Return to Oxford £ 22.00 – £ 44.00
Return to Salisbury £ 14.00 - £ 20.00
London Tube
Adult Travelcard Day Anytime £ 12.00 - £ 21.50
Adult Cash Single £ 4.80 - £ 7.30
Item Price
Return to London £ 15.00 - £ 70.00
Return to Winchester £ 12.00 - £ 20.00
Return to Brighton £ 15.00 - £ 25.00
Return to Oxford £ 40.00 - £ 120.00
Return to Salisbury £ 20.00 - £ 44.00


“Lessons are absolutely beneficial and delivered by professional teachers. My host family was the greatest one ever and I truly enjoyed the trips organised by the school. I would highly recommend PELS to everyone who wants to study English in the UK” Erme, 23 y.o from Turkey “Lessons are absolutely beneficial and delivered by professional teachers. My host family was the greatest...

Erme, 23 y.o. from Turkey

 “I came to PELS to improve my English and I can now talk in English more easily. Asa is the best teacher. I like my host family. The City of Portsmouth is very nice and I want to come back.” Alexandros, 17 y.o. from Greece, A2

Alexandros, 17 y.o. from Greece

“I came to PELS to study English. People are polite and the lessons are good. Everything is nice and good. I wish to come back next year.” Shatha, 16 y.o from Saudi Arabia,   

Shatha, 16 y.o. from Saudi Arabia

“I came to PELS because I like the UK.  I’m bad at English but day by day, I feel improvements. People at PELS are sociable and the teachers are excellent. My life with my host family is good. The City of Portsmouth and the UK are beautiful and fun.” Khaled, 19 y.o from Tunisia, A1 “Lessons are absolutely beneficial and delivered by...

Khaled, 19 y.o. from Tunisia

“I came to PELS to improve my English but also to prepare for the IELTS examination. I am really happy because I learnt a lot of new vocabulary and about the British culture.  The host family was brilliant and I had lots of discussions with them. I liked Portsmouth even if the city is small. I made great friends from...

Islem, 19 y.o. from Algeria

“I came to PELS because I won a scholarship and I wanted to improve my English. In class, we did games and a lot of very helpful activities. At PELS, there were people from around the world so it was easy to learn to communicate in English with everybody. The City of Portsmouth and the UK are so beautiful. I’ll...

Roberta, 22 y.o. from Italy

“I came to PELS as a part of the Erasmus+ project. In the morning I had lessons with Marc and in the afternoon I worked as an intern helping the administration and marketing deparment. Lessons with Marc were always interesting and pleasant. He is an excellent teacher. He helped me to improve my English better. I had a really good...

Virginia, 18 y.o. from Italy

“I did learn a lot with the lessons and I am really happy of the courses. The teachers are very good, each of them has own way to teach. I haven’t been disappointed. Thanks to the teachers and the staff. I’ve learned a lot. Adrien, 18 y.o. from Belgium, C1

Adrien, 18 y.o. from Belgium

“I came to PELS because my brother had studied at the school before. I learnt a lot of grammar and vocabulary. My teacher was excellent and he helped me a lot. I like Portsmouth a lot and I think it is a good city to live and study in.” Rayan, 17 y.o from Saudi Arabia, A1+ “Lessons are absolutely beneficial and delivered...

Rayan, 17 y.o. from Saudi Arabia

“I wanted to speak English and I thought that Portsmouth English Language School could help me to do it. As I expected, the school was great and staff were very helpful. We visited lots of places in Portsmouth city and I enjoyed a lot. I think that I will go back to PELS next year. Thank you for everything.” Kristina, 15 y.o from...

Kristina, 15 y.o. from Belarus

 “I came to PELS to improve my English. I chose it because it looked nice and it was next to my place. In PELS, I did morning courses with Marc and IELTS courses with Betty, Claire or Laura. My English improved a lot and I met a lot of people in this school. I went to different activities such as...

Erell, 24 y.o. from France

“I came to PELS because I needed to improve my English in order to get a high score in the IELTS exam. I met lovely people from different countries who helped me to practise my speaking skills. I found the lessons very useful for the IELTS exam preparation. I learnt a lot about the exam structures and strategies to improve...

Cristina, 34 y.o. from Spain