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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Portsmouth English Language School - Complaints Policy|

Statement of intent:
Portsmouth English Language School is committed to providing an environment in which all students and staff feel comfortable, confident and able to learn and work. All students receive a copy of the Student Guide, which contains information to help the student remain safe and well whilst staying in the UK and information about school rules conducive to promoting such an environment.

The purpose of this policy:
This policy sets out PELS's commitment to provide best services to the students. In case if they have any issues, they needs to be dealt through the Complaints Procedure.
Complaints Procedures

If you have a Non-Academic complaint, you should do the following:
For complaints about accommodation or student welfare:
1. In the first instance, you should speak to an Accommodation and Welfare Officer. Please make an appointment to do this.
2. If you are not satisfied with the result, you should then take your complaint direct to the Director of Studies. Please make an appointment to do this.
3. If you are still not satisfied, then you are advised to make a formal complaint, in writing to the Director of School.

If you have an Academic complaint you should do the following:
1. In the first instance, you should speak to your teacher and share your concern. If the concern is not satisfied than you can follow the steps 2-5 detailed below:
2. You should speak to the Director of Studies and make your complaint in writing. Please make an appointment to do this.
3. If you are not satisfied with the result, you should then take your complaint direct to the Director of School. Please make an appointment to do this.
4. If you are still not satisfied, then you are advised to make a formal complaint, in writing, British Council [email protected] The British Council will not deal with your complaint if you have not followed the steps (1-4)

• We believe that any issue, where possible, is best resolved informally between yourself and your teacher or the Director of Studies or Accommodation and Welfare Team.

Portsmouth English Language School


“I came to PELS as a part of the Erasmus+ project. In the morning I had lessons with Marc and in the afternoon I worked as an intern helping the administration and marketing deparment. Lessons with Marc were always interesting and pleasant. He is an excellent teacher. He helped me to improve my English better. I had a really good...

Virginia, 18 y.o. from Italy

 “I came to PELS to improve my English. I chose it because it looked nice and it was next to my place. In PELS, I did morning courses with Marc and IELTS courses with Betty, Claire or Laura. My English improved a lot and I met a lot of people in this school. I went to different activities such as...

Erell, 24 y.o. from France

“I came to PELS to learn English grammar and culture. I met a lot of people from different countries and made new friends whom I will miss when I come back home to Saudi Arabia. I will come back to PELS next year.” Mana, 18 y.o from Saudi Arabia, B1 “Lessons are absolutely beneficial and delivered by professional teachers. My host family...

Mana, 18 y.o.from Saudi Arabia

“I loved the school, the teachers and the administration staff members. I got a lot of support from the staff. They are supportive and helpful. I talked to them if I had a problem and they always had solutions. We also had some fun activities which helped to meet the other students from the other classes. I wish I could...

Bayan, 20 y.o. from Oman

“My agent recommended Portsmouth English Language School where I studied for 6 weeks. I met lots of friends and had a nice coffee with my teachers. My homestay family was great. I loved my stay in Portsmouth and want to come back next year.” Asami, 31 y.o from Japan, B1

Asami, 31 y.o. from Japan

“I wanted to speak English and I thought that Portsmouth English Language School could help me to do it. As I expected, the school was great and staff were very helpful. We visited lots of places in Portsmouth city and I enjoyed a lot. I think that I will go back to PELS next year. Thank you for everything.” Kristina, 15 y.o from...

Kristina, 15 y.o. from Belarus

“I had very useful lessons. The teachers try to push you to the next level.I also enjoyed the activities organised by the school which helped me to improve my English language at the same time.” Khalaf, 18 y.o. from Kuwait, B2/C1

Khalaf, 18 y.o. from Kuwait

“I came to PELS because my brother had studied at the school before. I learnt a lot of grammar and vocabulary. My teacher was excellent and he helped me a lot. I like Portsmouth a lot and I think it is a good city to live and study in.” Rayan, 17 y.o from Saudi Arabia, A1+ “Lessons are absolutely beneficial and delivered...

Rayan, 17 y.o. from Saudi Arabia

“I came to PELS last year and I wanted to come back again this year. The lessons are very nice. I like PELS.” Alghalya, 15 y.o from Oman

AlGhalya, 15 y.o. from Oman

“Coming to PELS was a good experience to meet new people from all over the world and to improve my English. It also helped me to socialize more and discover other lifestyles. Yes, it was a great experience.” Zaineb, 16 y.o. from Tunisia, A2

Zaineb, 16 y.o. from Tunisia

"I arrived in the UK with no idea of English and with the only aim to learn it, so I joined PELS. Thanks to PELS, I met amazing people from different parts of the world. The PELS team helped me to improve my English to the point that I am now able to speak fluent English. I passed my IELTS...

Pol, 21 y.o. from Spain

“Portsmouth is a very beautiful city. I came here with a group of Tunisian students and we stayed in a residential accommodation where I met lots of students from many countries. I talked a lot in English both in class and with my new friends. I loved the Saturday excursion to London.” Zohra, 17 y.o from Tunisia, B1

Zohra, 17 y.o. from Tunisia