How long do I need to study for?

It depends. Often students just need to build their confidence to use the English they already have. Other students need to improve their English for an exam. Learning a language takes a lifetime, learning to pass an exam can be done very quickly.


Should I study general English, or just academic English for my exam?

We think you should be studying both. Exam skills are important but general English helps you improve all of your language skills. Understanding an exam is great but you need a high level of English to do well.


Which exam do I need?

If you are coming to study in a British university, you will need to pass the IELTS exam. The IELTS can also be used to help with visa applications. If you are a nurse or a doctor, the IELTS or the OET allows you to work in British hospitals. If you want a qualification to show your English level to improve your job, then you can take the Cambridge exams or the Anglia exam. The Trinity GESE exam is great to show that you can speak English well.

Email us and we can give you personal advice.


How can I find out my current English level?

You can do a placement test with us in the school or you can email us and we can send you a placement test.


What is the most difficult part of learning English?

This is different for everyone, but many of our academic students say that writing is the most difficult skill in English.


Can I start my course at any time?

Yes. It is good to start on a Monday as the teachers start a new topic every week, but you can start at the best time for you.


Should I stay with a host family?

We think it is best to stay with a host family. You can speak English at home as well as school and there is always someone to help you if you are part of a family.

I just want to practise one skill (writing / speaking / listening / reading), is that ok?

The general English classes cover all of the 4 skills, but we are happy to organise classes with you and a teacher to focus on what you need. We also have a book club to help with reading and a conversation club to help with speaking.


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