General English

Minimum age: 16* | Levels: A1-C2 | Maximum class size: 12 | Hours per week: 3-25 hrs


Our General English course concentrates on the four learning skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The levels of the classes are from A1 (Beginner) to C2 (Proficiency). If you are a complete beginner, you can also join the course. Please see our website for the start dates of the Beginner courses.


The aims of the General English classes are to:

  • improve your knowledge of grammar
  • expand your vocabulary
  • perfect your pronunciation and communication skills
  • record your progress via a weekly test


What will the course include?

  • You will do a placement test before you start the course to make sure you are in the correct class.
  • You will have a personal tutor who will monitor your progress and will discuss it with you.
  • Your tutor will help you to create a learning plan, set learning aims and to track your progress.
  • You will have a pronunciation and spelling workshop every week in a group of learners with the same native language as yours.
  • You will have a progress test at the end of every week.
  • At the end of every month you will sit a mock Anglia or IELTS test to show you how much you have improved during the month.
  • You will have a tutorial with your personal tutor every two weeks.
  • You can ask your tutor for a progress report every 4 weeks.
  • Free Anglia end-of-course test with an internationally recognised certificate for all students who study with us for 8 weeks or longer.


At PELS, we provide: study materials, placement test, academic report, student card, sim card, coffee, tea, biscuits and Wi-Fi in the whole building at no additional cost.


We are very flexible and will be happy to offer you a part-time course to fit around your work and other commitments.


  1. Full-time courses

Duration Price per week
15 hrs per week (General English) £145.00
20 hrs per week (Semi-intensive English) £180.00
25 hrs per week (Intensive English) £230.00

Non-refundable administration fees: £70 (visa nationals); £50 (non visa nationals).


  1. Part-time courses

Duration Price per week
5 hrs per week (2 afternoons) £60.00
6 hrs per week (2 mornings) £70.00
10 hrs per week (afternoons) £105.00

Non-refundable administration fees: £70 (visa nationals); £50 (non visa nationals).


Course schedule

Color examples


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
3 hours 3 hours 3 hours 3 hours 3 hours
Lunch break
2.5 hours 2.5 hours 2.5 hours 2.5 hours


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