Course Terms and Conditions

Portsmouth English Language School

General Terms and Conditions



1.1 Upon receipt of a completed Application Form, Portsmouth English Language School will issue an Offer letter and an invoice for the total course fees. Once the Administration and Accommodation finding fees have been paid, the school will confirm your registration for the course and will issue a Certificate of Enrolment (for non-visa nationals) or a Visa letter (for visa nationals). The remaining tuition fees are to be paid at least two weeks before the course start date. If tuition is arranged at short notice, the full payment of the fees must be made before the course commences. Acceptance on any course is dependent on availability.


2.1 Course fees should be paid in full before the start of the course, or immediately in the event of a late booking. Portsmouth English Language School reserves the right to refuse admission to delegates if their course fees have not been paid before the start date of the course.
2.2. Payment methods:
(i) In cash. You can pay your course fees at the school in cash.
(ii) By debit or credit card. You can pay the fees by card at the school.
(iii) By UK bank cheque, in pound sterling (GBP). The cheques need to be made payable to “NMM Education Ltd”, and sent to: Portsmouth English Language School 15-16 Hampshire Terrace Southsea Portsmouth PO1 2QF United Kingdom
(ix) Via bank transfer, in pound sterling (GBP). The bank details are as follows:

Business Name of School:                 NMM Education Ltd                                                             

Bank Name:                                         Lloyds Bank                                                                                          

Account No:                                        *39759468*        

Sort Code:                                           *30-91-97* 

Swift Code:                                          LOYDGB21233

IBAN:                                                    GB26LOYD30919739759468

Please note: Any fee charged by the bank for payment through any method is payable by the organisation or individuals making the booking. Payments made by a credit/debit card may incur significantly higher charges.

2.3 Portsmouth English Language School will acknowledge receipt of payment and will send you accommodation details and any further information required.


  • A student is able to change their homestay family up to two times if they wish. If a student decides to move during the week they will be liable to pay the homestay family for the full week.
  • If a student requires a change of accommodation for any reason, the student will be liable for any additional costs incurred.
  • Accommodation is reserved and charged on a weekly basis and late arrival will incur payment for the full week.
  • If a student goes on holiday and wishes to secure their accommodation, they will need to pay 50% of the usual charge for the period they are away depending on availability. This period should not exceed 28 days.
  • The school cannot be held responsible for any non payment but will endeavour to assist host families with the issue.
  • The rules and regulations, either verbal or written, of the accommodation in which the student lives must be observed. Students must ask permission from the owner or other residents before inviting visitors to the house.
  • During the student’s stay, they or their guests will be responsible for any damage they cause to the property and will have to pay for it.

In the event of the host family or the student wishing to change the current arrangement, a week’s notice is required on either side and the student is still obliged to pay their rent until their departure.


Portsmouth English Language School must be notified in writing (email or letter) of any cancellation before the start of course. In the event of cancellation, Portsmouth English Language School will issue a refund of fees, subject to a cancellation charge as follows:
Up to 4 weeks prior to course beginning: Administration Fee £70.00 for Visa Nationals and £50.00 for EU or non-visa Nationals, plus £50 Accommodation Finding Fee if applicable
Between 2 and 4 weeks prior to course start date: 25% of the total tuition fees and administration fee (£70 or £50) as applicable plus £50 accommodation fee if applicable.
Within 2 weeks prior to Course beginning: 50% of the total tuition fees and administration fee (£70 or £50) as applicable plus £50 accommodation fee if applicable.
No refunds are given once the course has started.
In the case of late arrival, no refund will be made for the period missed. Similarly, no refund will be made for periods missed due to premature termination of courses.

  1. VISAS

Visa letters are issued on receipt of BOTH of the following:
1. Completed application form and a copy of student’s ID
2. Administration fee and accommodation finding fee (if applicable); if the student is sponsored, their financial guarantee stating their name, course, and start and end date.
Only when Homestay accommodation has been booked or confirmation is given of student’s own accommodation will Visa letters be issued.
Anyone who acquires a Visa (Student or Student Visitor) through Portsmouth English Language School and upon their arrival in the UK decides to study at another institution, forfeits the fees paid up to date. As for sponsored students, who do not pay any fees upfront, they will be required to pay 2 weeks’ worth of tuition fees and the Administration Fee in order to obtain a ‘release’ letter from the school.

Visa refusal prior to start date of course: 

1. If the student informs us that they have failed to obtain a visa, a refund (please refer to the above terms for cancellation charges) is given if the student sends us a copy of the relevant documentation from the embassy or consulate. No further action is taken once documentation is received.
2. If no documentation or proof of visa refusal is received from the student, Portsmouth English Language School will attempt to contact the student via email/ phone/ post.
3If no further contact is made by the student within the following 5 days, UK Visas and Immigration will be informed.

Non-arrival of students with arrangements for host family accommodation:

Usually arrangements are made to collect students from a pick-up point to take them to their Homestay accommodation. In a case of non-arrival of students with arrangements for Homestay accommodation our emergency procedure is as follows:
1. Phone call to student on mobile (if available).
2. Phone call to host family.
3. Phone call to airport/airline.
4. Student’s family in home country.
5. Police.

Non-arrival of students with own accommodation and/or making own travel arrangements:

1. Phone call to student on mobile (if available).
2. Phone call to accommodation address in UK supplied by student.
3. Phone call to student’s family/contact in home country.
4. Letter sent to accommodation address in UK.
5. UKVI informed after missing 10 consecutive timetabled sessions


The first course book will be given to you free of charge, if you are enrolled on courses of 12 weeks or longer (please allow up to a week if we need to order you a copy.) Any course book after that, or course books for shorter courses, will need to be purchased at a cost of £25.00, or borrowed at a cost of £15.00 (£10.00 will be returned to you once the book has been returned to us in good condition). Every student is obliged to have a copy of the course book for each course attended.


All students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of their classes. Any student whose attendance falls below 80% will be subject to an attendance meeting. If poor attendance continues, a student may be dismissed with no refund of tuition fees. For students who are visa nationals, this would be a very serious matter, as it could affect their legal status to remain in the UK. Students must participate in class.
If a student is sick (for more than four study days) they are entitled to request a refund of fees so long as they can provide a medical certificate to confirm their illness or their injury which covers the period of the sickness.
Portsmouth English Language School reserves the right to dismiss any student under the above circumstances, or in the case of serious misconduct, unsatisfactory effort, or persistent lateness, with no refund of fees.
Examples of serious misconduct include (but are not limited to):

  • Breaking the law in the UK
  • Refusal to follow the school rules
  • Verbal abuse against any other student or member of staff.
  • Physical (including sexual) abuse of any other student or member of staff
  • Theft
  • Vandalism of school premises and property
  • Misuse of IT facilities

Each student who has a minimum of 80% attendance will receive an end of course certificate.


Occasionally, the school may take photographs or videos of the students. Consent is given for the photographs to be used for publicity purposes on the application form.


The school will not be open on these dates:
Christmas break: 22nd December 2017 – 2nd January 2018
Easter Break: 30th March – 2nd April 2018
May Day Bank Holiday: 7th May 2018
Spring Bank Holiday: 28th May 2018
August Bank Holiday: 27th August 2018
Christmas Break: 17th December 2018 – 1st January 2019

There are no fee reductions for when the school is closed on public holidays and these days cannot be added to the end of the course. The only exception is the Christmas break.


On the first day of arrival at school, you will not be placed into a class until you have completed any necessary paperwork and a placement test to assess your level. If you wish to change your course or your class, you must first obtain permission from the Director of Studies.


Students aged 11-17 (or 9 and 10 if accompanied by a parent or guardian) can enrol on our Junior Programme. Classes run in the morning, with activities in the afternoon and on Saturdays. Except for staff, there are no over 18s present. Junior learners can only be accepted once the parental consent section of the application form has been signed and returned to us. All of our staff (teaching and non-teaching) are required to hold a current DBS certificate.
Groups of under 18s are also welcome, provided that they are accompanied by a group leader throughout their time, and that the group leader accepts overall responsibility for their students. Group leaders must hold a current DBS or equivalent police check certificate.


Students aged 16 and 17 are able to join our adult classes, but they must have the parental consent section of the application form signed by a parent or legal guardian in order for us to accept them on the course.


Portsmouth English Language School will collect and maintain your personal information lawfully and fairly and in accordance with the 2018 Data Protection Act (DPA) and 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your information will not be given to any third party and will only be disclosed if any regulatory or government body requests it.
Each student is responsible for providing up to date information such as address, email address, next of kin details, phone numbers and emergency contact details. For further information read our “Privacy Policy”.


We do not have access for disabled students.

OTHER CONDITIONS: 1. Portsmouth English Language School reserves the right to pass onto the student any charge incurred resulting from delayed arrival. 2.  Students should obtain insurance cover for medical expenses, theft and loss of property. Portsmouth English Language School can accept no responsibility for insurance. 3. Portsmouth English Language School cannot accept liability for any lessons lost owing to industrial action or to circumstances beyond its control. In the case of any serious misconduct the student may be asked to leave the school immediately in which case no refund will be given. 5. The School will be closed over the Christmas and New Year period (see the Timetable page for the dates). 6. The School will be closed for Public holidays (see the Timetable page for the dates). There are no reductions or discounts in tuition fees for courses that include public holidays. 7. Use of Images in Promotional Material.   It is automatically assumed that photographs and video taken during lessons or activities may be used in our brochure, on the website or other promotional material.

FINAL CLAUSES: Amendments to these Terms and Conditions shall not be valid unless confirmed in writing. In the event that individual conditions of these General Conditions be amended, the remainder of the agreements shall nevertheless remain in force. Invalidity of one or more of the preceding conditions does not affect the validity of the remaining conditions.

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