English + Work placement

Minimum age: 16 | Maximim class size: 12 | Start date: any Monday


Work placement


Did you know that those who speak English fluently, earn on average 35% more than those who don’t?  The Work and Study programme at Portsmouth English Language School is designed to help our students to:

  • improve their English
  • develop their communication skills in a professional environment
  • get work experience in an English-speaking organisation
  • boost their CV and improve their career prospects.

Importantly, all of this is in a safe and friendly environment of a language school that’s been working with international students for over 10 years!



What does the Work and Study programme include?


1) English Lessons

Our ministay work placement programme is specifically designed for teenagers and young adults who would like to improve their English skills and to get work experience in an English-speaking environment. The programme includes from 5 to 20 hours of English lessons per week and from 10 to 30 hours of work placements.  The lessons will help students to improve their general English and give them a chance to question and discuss the language they heard during their work placement.

English lessons

  • Upon arrival, the students will take a placement test so that we could allocate them to the class according to their English level.
  • Each student will have a personal tutor who will be following their progress. There will be weekly progress tests to assess the progress they are making.


2) Accommodation and transport


The school will arrange airport transfer and homestay accommodation for the groups (residential and shared student accommodation are also available, please contact the school for more details). If the accommodation is more than a 30-minute walk away from the school and the host organisation, the students will have a local bus pass.


Social activities

3) Social programme

The mini stay programme can include evening or afternoon social activities and excursions. There are lots of interesting places to visit in and around Portsmouth. Please see our Social Activities page for more details.


4) Certificates


At the end of the programme, the students will receive a certificate to show how many hours of English lessons and work placement they completed during their stay. Upon request, we could also arrange for a professional reference to be given to every student.


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